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Fritz Paul Vater

- Paul -

What are Paul's services?

private island identification and acquisition services - private island management services - environmental improvement services - home safety evaluation and improvement services - feng shui services - private island troubleshooting - state and commercial territory lease and acquisition services - permanent residency permit (Golden Visa) acquisition services 

Who is Paul?

a German national who studied engineering, law, and economics in Berlin - who had an accounting, tax consulting, and auditing firm for decades - who worked as an independent international management consultant, and as member of boards in various countries on three continents

What qualifies Paul?

an excellent educational background - vast professional experience - the ability to identify optimized solutions - the motivation to produce the required results

What is Paul's favourite entertainment?

finding solutions for client-assignments - solving problems in the international arena

How to contact Paul?

Fritz Paul Vater - Worldwide Real Estate Services - Pariser Str. 55a - 10719 Berlin - Germany - Tax-ID 86 719 330 547 - EU-VAT-ID DE327818094 - Website: https://PaulWW.com - Email: mail@PaulWW.com - WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, SMS, and Mobile: +49 172 3832266

If there is any question or any problem in connection with your current or your future home or territory, do not hesitate to use the contact information above.

Tropical Pacific Island For Sale

What is most important for your home or territory?

Things to avoid!

no pandemics - no swarms of locusts, mosquitos or poisonous creatures - no earthquakes or volcanic eruptions - no floods or tsunamis - no landslides or avalanches - no hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, blizzards or tornados - no wildfires, bushfires or forest fires - no extreme temperatures - no droughts - no risk of nuclear disaster from power plants or atomic bombs - no political pressure - no social unrest - no unfavourable borders

Things to embrace!

a favourable climate all year round - clear and fresh air in abundance - clear and fresh water everyday - safe electric energy supplies throughout the year - safe and fast Internet connections - a democratic and just political and legal system - a peaceful place for young and old, and for people from all over the world - a safe and well-connected international airport - a favourable local infrastructure

What are the most desirable properties and amenities of a really great private island?

a favourable airstrip - deep water harbour with floating docks and dock slips - elevations - lush vegetation - creeks - cliffs - beaches - fresh water supplies - recycling system - disposal system - security system - Internet and mobile signal - freshwater pool - walking and cart paths - medical care station - kitchen-fruit and vegetable garden - repair workshop - well-built homes and cottages - guest villas - staff and maintenance buildings - office space - beach-clubhouse with shop, bar and restaurant

What is the current global market situation?

there are currently about one thousand islands up for sale around the world - prices range from USD 200 thousand to USD 200 million - about ten thousand more islands are privately owned and managed - another one hundred thousand islands would be suitable to be purchased by private investors - and finally, there are several million more fancy, lonely or forgotten islands in lakes, seas, rivers and oceans on planet earth


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